From the creator of indie horror hit Home comes Alone With You — a sci-fi exploration game with a little bit of romance. Leaving orbit August 23, 2016 for PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®Vita.

Speaking with your colleague
Choosing a mission
Exploring an area
Getting some alone time

About the game:

Sixteen years ago, the Hudson-Cartier terraforming facility was a shining light for offworld projects. But after an unexpected seismic event crippled the colony, exposure and starvation took the lives of everyone there — except you. Together with the facility's troubled AI, you must scavenge what's left for the parts you need to repair your escape ship and get back home to Earth.

A vast world to explore

Experience more than a dozen missions, including lush agroponic installations, vast research labs, and the eerily-quiet cabins of your former colleagues.

Forge new relationships

Get to know four special companions intimately — and help them realize their destinies through a unique, natural social system

Narrative-driven adventure

Multiple endings and branching conversations let you explore new perspectives with each playthrough

Thrilling musical score

An original, stunning musical score by Ivor Stines features energizing and atmospheric tracks

Meet four unlikely companions

You'll visit these four special people in your colony's holo-sim chamber — and help them understand the lives they left behind.

Winnie Laurier

Winnie Laurier

As the colony's communications expert, she was highly intelligent, but socially withdrawn. Winnie found the collapse of the installation particularly difficult to deal with.

Jean Lumumba

Jean Lumumba

He was the installation's Resource Manager, and a gifted explorer. His ability to problem-solve and think creatively made him excellent at his job, but often put him at odds with his peers.

Pierre Tong

Pierre Tong

As the director of the terraforming facility, his engineering genius was unparalleled. But his hubris and leadership style left many unanswered questions after disaster struck.

Leslie Bharadwaj

She managed the facility's Agro-Domes, and was a lover of all growing things. She was more at home in her garden than in a manager's office, though, and had difficulty keeping her team focused.

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